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Seeking The Earliest RCGF Customer !


RCGF factory was found in 2007. We registered company and was awarded our US trademark in 2014. In early 2019 we discovered several of our sales staff, while employed with us, attempting to undermine RCGFs long-standing reputation and build their own brand. This was totally intolerable. Therefore, we are holding this event now, knowing the majority of our modelling friends and RCGF community will understand the truth.  Original RCGF engines have always been produced by (Yifei Aeromodel Technology Co., Ltd.) and now the VVRCRCGF engines still produced by (Yifei Aeromodel Technology Co., Ltd.) These are the engines VVRC has been selling and will continue to sell, nothing has changed there. In the US market, Valley View RC is currently the sole source to serve our customer with the latest RCGF engines, products and services.  We welcome world-wide hobby and RC model shops to join us in this event to build a Win-Win future.

Activity Details: 

  1.We have uploaded over 8,000 production records to our website with dates between October 2014 to September 2018 .

  2.The event begins on September 1rst and ends on November 1rst .We will announce the Grand Prize Winner between November 1rst-5th 

  3.Please subscribe and register on our website.

  4.Please verify your serial number online at our website (click ) and e-mail us an image with serial number from your engine clearly visible to 

  5.We will review all e-mail received with our records and determine the owner of the earliest dated serial number registered . The owner of this engine will then receive a $1,000.00 USD award . The $1,000.00 USD award can be used at and (If two or more serial numbers are produced on the same day, compare the last digit of the serial number, the smallest one wining. If the last digit are the same, then we will compare the second digit , the smallest one winning.)

  6.In addition, we will select the 1rst, 5th, 15th, 30th, 50th, 75th, 105th, 140th, 180th, 225th, 275th, 330th, 390th, 455th, 525th ,600th, and 680th of e-mail sender as lucky person who sent us e-mail to join this event . We have prepared 17pcs Engines as prize . Every lucky person will get a random model VVRCRCGF engine with free shipping .The lucky ones will receive our e-mail during the event and prize will be sent out during the event . The addition prize event will end automatically after the 680th e-mail sender selected. 

The winning information will be posted on our Facebook's special page. The winner‘s privacy information will be maintained ! 

The final decisions of this event will be made by VVRCRCGF Engine personnel assisted by Valleyview RC.

If you have any question please call Valley View RC at 253-875-6890.